Gurkha Veteran Volunteers to Assist in Nepal

My colleague from the Gurkha Stories project, Umeshkumar Pun, has signed up as a volunteer to help with the Nepal Earthquake.  He flies out to Los Angeles today to receive a briefing from a charity and then onto Nepal.

Umesh is a retired Captain from the Brigade of British Gurkhas and an active member of the Army Reserve (T.A.). The skills he was trained in for the British Gurkhas will be very useful in Nepal and he will be liaising between aid agency staff and Nepalis with translating, supply logistics, sanitation requirements, shelter distribution and generally helping aid agencies with his local knowledge of Nepal and the regions.

He is accompanied by four other ex Gurkhas all willing to volunteer. He left so quickly with just two days’ notice that this is all the information I currently have. When he returns to the UK I’ll be interviewing him to find out what how he helped and what happened.

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