“Hip Hip Hooray!” – Gurkha Veterans Awarded PJM Medal today…

P1040090c     P1030866c

293 Gurkha veterans from the London area proudly received their Pingat Jasa Malaysia Medal with dignity today in a formal ceremony which took place in Colchester, arranged by Capt. (Ret’d) Umesh Kumar Pun MVO. Umesh has made it one of his goals to apply for the PJM medal for as many veterans as he can discover who are eligible to receive it.  He applies on their behalf and then arranges a ceremony according to geographical location.  So far around 3,000 Gurkha veterans have received their PJM medals all thanks to Umesh’s dedicated work.

The PJM medal is one which was awarded by the King and Government of Malaysia in recognition of the veterans’ service during the Malayan Emergency, Second Malayan Emergency, and the Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation over 50 to 60 years ago.  Today the ceremony was was opened by a Piper who led the the visiting General of the Malaysian Army who then presided over the ceremony.  The General thanked the veterans for their brave contributions all those decades ago in an extremely difficult climate and dangerous conditions. The veterans gave a rousing three cheers to the General.

The average age of the veterans is approaching 80 years old, but the oldest veteran of all to receive his medal was retired Corporal Dal Prasad at 92 years old. He presented the General with a special present of a Nepalese scarf in gold colour as a thank you to the Government of Malaysia.

It was a truly special day and an honour to be invited as a guest.

P1030901c               P1040114c Corporal Dal Prasad

P1040063c P1030991c P1040005c P1030866c P1030915c P1030927c P1030862c IMG_2752 P1030985c P1030980c P1030970cP1040016c P1040052c P1040017c P1040047c Gurkha wives receiving the PJM on behalf of loved ones no longer with them.


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