Chautara (Resting Place)

Ladies and Gentleman, the Gurkha Home Project at Abbeygate House, has just finished its first project call Chautara (Resting Place) here in Colchester.  The second project will be Mandir (Temple), both projects are in honour of the 200 years’ service to the British Crown and Queen’s country. (The Chautara is a stone resting place traditionally used by Nepalese travellers to rest their dokos/baskets.)


Team Rubicon Lights Up The Villages in Nepal

Retired officer, Umesh Pun MVO, community champion for Gurkha Stories, has just returned from his successful third visit to Nepal to distribute aid with the charity Team Rubicon UK.  He and his colleagues distributed much-needed equipment and materials for building houses in remote villages with communities of both the very elderly and school age. As you’ll see from the photos Team Rubicon achieved so much good on this trip and it’s very rewarding to see the donations being put to such good causes.  Solar lights were given to villages, schools and houses were rebuilt and donated to communities in the Gorkha district, Takum village and Padelthok Ghau Ward4.  Team Rubicon partnered up with the Chaudari Foundation, PwC London and Seed Charity organisations to give the gift of light!

The photos of Umesh Pun MVO tell the stories…

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