Prince Harry joins Team Rubicon UK in their latest trip to Nepal

Our Gurkha Stories colleague, Captain Umeshkumar Pun MVO, has made his 4th visit to Nepal since the earthquake one year ago with Team Rubicon UK.  Umesh is one of the team members who is rebuilding schools and houses in Nepal.  Umesh met Prince Harry who worked as an honorary member of Team Rubicon UK for a couple of days.  Please don’t forget that Nepal still needs our help to rebuild its infrastructure: (Intro by Juliana Vandegrift)


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Capt. Umeshkumar Pun MVO with Prince Harry last month

Building a new school:

Prince Harry joined Team Rubicon UK volunteers in Nepal to help the people of a remote village whose community had been destroyed by the 2015 earthquake.


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Prince Harry stayed in the country to work on the reconstruction project at the end of his recent official tour. Team Rubicon helped villagers with the ongoing temporary rebuild of their school, so the children can have adequate education facilities before the monsoon season arrives.

The charity uses the skills and expertise of military veterans to support local communities in the aftermath of natural disasters. It also gives veterans an opportunity to serve again and, in some cases, a way to adjust to the challenges of civilian life.

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Read more about their work at (words and photos credited to Team Rubicon UK)

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