About Gurkha Stories


Gurkha Stories is a twelve month long oral history project established to record a group of retired Gurkha veterans living in Colchester, Essex.  Our veterans range in age from 60 to 85 years old and they have made a valuable contribution to Britain’s military history since 1948.  So what are their stories and how did their journey bring them to a retirement home in Colchester? We’re embarking on a twelve month project to unlock these memories and record their stories.

Selected extracts of their stories will be published in an oral history book next year.  During the project we’ll also be collaborating with twenty young people in Colchester to make a short interview film with the Gurkha veterans and showcase the project at the local museum.  And finally, we’d like to make good use of the stories we record and create an educational resource pack for the local primary schools in Colchester.

Our goal is to share the stories and memories of our Gurkha veterans with the community of Colchester in order to promote an informed understanding of the Gurkhas’ lives and cultural heritage.

Our website is now live!  www.gurkhastories.com

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